Effortlessly manage your own servers. Save 90% vs. popular cloud providers.

Everything you need to deploy, monitor, and manage bare metal, in any datacenter, for a fraction of the cost of managed cloud services.

  • Free Plan Available

  • No Credit Card Required

Build & deploy in dozens of languages to any linux environment.

Host with any provider – Save up to 90%

Cut your bills into pieces

  • Stop paying for "cloud scale" managed services you don't need.

  • Stop paying extra for Databases, Docker, & DNS management.

  • Simplify your costs, and avoid unexpected overage charges.

Everything your Need,
Easy to Use

You don't have to be a Devops expert to manage your own servers, apps, and databases.

Server Provisioning

We automatically install the software you need to manage everything, including Dokku, and a firewall.

Resource Monitoring

Comprehensive stats are emitted from your server, so you get alerts before your server locks up.

App Deployment

Deploy & manage your apps from the command line, or a push to GitHub.

Deploy any Git Repository

Buildpacks for dozens of languages & frameworks, including Dockerfiles and Docker Images.

Set Scaling & Resource Limits

Manage scaling rules and resource limits, so your apps run smoothly, and you never see an overage charge.

Add Extensions & Addons

Add databases and persistent storage to your app, from the Dokku CLI or admin interface.

Instant Setup

Servers.do is a cloud-based admin panel you can take with you. No installation required.

Secure Access

Private Keys are encrypted & stored on your local machine, not in the cloud.

Shareable Stats

Server information and stats can be shared without sharing management access.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Servers.do install on my server?

We install Dokku, server monitoring, and a firewall on each server, providing a CLI interface to manage your server.

What kind of server do I need?

Docker & Dokku can run on any Linux server from basically any service provider. All you need is Root access and an IP address. ARM support is limited.

Can I use Servers.do across different devices?
  • Multiple devices can access your Servers.do dashboard. However, you must add your SSH Private key to each machine you wish to use to manage servers, create apps, etc.

  • Server monitoring transmits statistics about your machine to our servers. So, any account you share access to, can monitor your server's Uptime, Resource usage, etc. -- without an SSH key.

Is there a paid plan?

There is not a paid plan at this time. We make money by sharing our DigitalOcean and Vultr affiliate links, which each provide $100 in free server credits, and a small commission for us.

We may add additional Pro features in the future.

How does Servers.do handle my privacy?

We eliminate the need to store any sensitive information about your servers on our end (excluding their IP address).

Instead, we use a server-generated, user-unique token to encrypt your sensitive information, which is stored locally in your browser.

I have an issue with my account
  • Reach out to us via email or on Twitter – We're happy to help!

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